Public Service - NOT Self Service

Being elected for office is a privilege, not a right! Margate deserves to have commissioners who are passionate about the people they serve, without additional benefits such as ludicrous car allowances, unwarranted raises and unnecessary expenses.

Margate families work really hard for their money! Focus on service, and an overall fiscally responsible budget must be at the forefront of any commissioners who is given the honor to serve her community.

Politicizing positions such as Chief of Police and Fire Chief, which are essential to our safety, should shock the conscience of Margate residents who rely on these selfless professionals who devote their lives to save and protect others.

Margate families know and trust that I, Renata Castro, am ready to fight for them. Your vote is the best way to demonstrate your support.

Fiscal Responsibility

The city of Margate currently relies on limited tax revenue as the city does not have a diversified business community. Moreover, the city fails, time and time again, to be on the cutting edge of planning and to attract businesses which will bring much needed tax dollars to the city!

While other cities find creative and effective ways to increase tax revenue (such is the case with the City of Davie which implemented a successful textile recycling program which brings thousands of dollars to the city), the Margate commission focuses on short-sighted solutions to long-term problems!

Margate is a city of blue collar families, fixed income seniors, and up and coming professionals. Being a commissioner and caring for these individuals’ money is a responsibility which shall not be taken lightly.

As your future commissioner, I am ready to represent Margate residents and fight for their rights.

Margate Schools - we can do better!

Margate schools have growing needs, as a result of the influx of younger families moving to Margate. As a city, Margate is a beacon of affordable home ownership for families looking for their first home.

Our children deserve a commissioner who is ready to work closely with the Broward County School Board to continuously support Margate schools through advocacy.

Our local schools should be prized! As your future commissioner, and the parent of two children, I am ready to work along school officials to engage the community and look for additional resources so that our hardworking school teachers, principals and workers can provide our children with the highest level of education they want and deserve.

Attract Businesses with high paying jobs to the city

The city of Margate has the potential to attract businesses which rely on logistics given its strategic location - right in the middle of the three largest economies of Florida - Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties! These high paying jobs would allow individuals to live and work in the city of Margate, improving quality of life as well as housing prices, as is the case in many communities where there is a high rate of homeownership.

Everyone deserves to be heard!

America is great because of the great freedoms this country enjoys. Part of this freedom includes voicing opinions and concerns in public forums about subjects of public concern.

Margate residents should be able to speak their mind to any city commissioner without concern for retaliation or spite. For far too long, the fate of Margate residents’ has been relegated to a select few. It is time to bring all residents together, to allow them to have a voice, to have a commissioner who will listen and who will care.

There are only two promises I can make to you today - once elected, I will listen to you, Margate resident, and I will fight for you. Commissioners work for the people!

Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Campaign of Renata Castro, Esq., for Margate Commissioner Seat 3

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