An accomplished attorney, Renata Castro, Esq. is a champion of rights, fighting for her clients’ dreams, one case at a time. Renata Castro’s successful practice in Pompano Beach is a result of her hard, ethical work. A working single mom throughout the majority of her education, Renata Castro rose by making other people’s issues her own.

A Law Graduate from Nova Southeastern University, Renata Castro received a business degree from Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez. Renata Castro also counts an MBA in Project Management by Aspen University as part of her qualifications.

Mom to Sofia,4 and Lucas, 14, Renata Castro is happily married to Wesley Vaz and dog mom to Athena. The growing family enjoys living in Margate because of its hometown feel and affordability.

Running for office is how Renata Castro decided to give back to the community which embraced her. “When we moved to our first Margate home at Winfield Blvd, we were just happy to be able to buy our home. As a mom, I wanted my children to be safe and nurtured, but money was certainly tight”, and according to Renata, the city of Margate has grown along with her family. “The potential for greatness is engrained in the city of Margate, and it’s time the residents have a commission ready to fight for the benefits of the residents, not their own.”

Margate is ready for change - and you are only a vote away from making it happen! Request your vote by mail ballot here, or make sure that you are registered to vote in your current address.

Can’t vote in Margate? You can still help by donating funds here or volunteering.

Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Campaign of Renata Castro, Esq., for Margate Commissioner Seat 3

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